Ice Bus

Party-goers, Here’s a night bus you can resort to!

This new nighttime emergency bus which hits the roads of Southampton turns out to be a safe haven for festive and drunken revellers. Party-goers over the festive period can delight in this bus which even has a first aid treatment room to its credit in addition to the heated seating area and provisions to make toast and tea. In addition to the above, the night bus also assists helpless people out on the town late at night, with help and advice from qualified volunteers and Street Pastor teams. Gives enough reason for festive revellers to smile!

The In Case of Emergency (abbreviated as ICE) bus was a well-thought idea to combat alcohol-fuelled violence and crime in the city on busy weekends by helping the police and accident and emergency department crews. Alex Grossart, operational manager for South Central Ambulance Service NHS Trust made sure that their trained emergency care practitioners will be aboard the bus. “Of course where a patient does require an ambulance to go to hospital this will be arranged”, he added.

This brightly coloured bus is sited in close proximity to the Cenotaph in Above Bar Street. Any person who is ill, injured, or in need of assistance during the wee hours can resort to this bus which will take care of his/her needs.

The concept of ICE evolved soon after Daily Echo Newspaper brought to light the impact of alcohol in Southampton. This proposal to tackle alcohol-related problems during busy weekends was devised by the Police Department, Safer City Partnership and the City Council together also had an impact on the decision.

The scheme also draws its inspiration from last year’s pilot scheme which was conducted near the Guildhall and spanned over a few nights during New Year and the festive period. This scheme had seen the decrease of alcohol related incidents by 21 percent which is indeed to be appreciated and emulated in other cities.

Deputy leader of the council, Councillor Royston Smith had this to say, “We know that alcohol can make people vulnerable and open to risk. This is all about looking after those people to make sure they are safe. This is not just an invitation for people to come out and get drunk because we will look after them, but it is a way for us to deal with some of the problems which can come with a thriving night time economy”.

The fund money of 80, 000 GBP for this ingenious idea comes from the Home Office money.

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